Development and Analysis of Irrigation Efficiency and Water Productivity Indices Relationships in Sprinkler Irrigation Systems

Improving water productivity (WP) in agriculture sector, as the main water user, plays an
important role in resolving water shortage problems.

 Increasing irrigation efficiency and
upgrading irrigation systems are the main strategies for this object. Different studies
have been carried out on irrigation systems evaluation and water-yield relationships but
no studies have been investigated the effect of irrigation efficiency indices on WP. In this
study, the received water in various parts of the field was calculated based on uniformity
coefficient (CU) and irrigation adequacy (pa) equations and then the effect of these
indices on crop yield and WP was estimated based on wheat, barley and maize wateryield
functions in Karaj and Qazvin regions (Shoor river basin). Results showed that the
uniformity coefficient and adequacy have high effect on crops yield and crops WP and
integrated study of these indices has high necessarily in irrigation management and
deficit irrigation planning. Methodology of this study could have useful applications in
design optimization, management and promotion of irrigation systems and in deficit
irrigation planning.

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